SHINee’s Night Photobook DVD!so cute♥


Taemin’s message for THJ’s ending (eng sub)!♥

Sorry for the late! I had been so busy these past few days that I forgot to update my blog…T_T
I don’t have enough time to make personal blogs or interesting polls this time. I will really try to make a good blog soon! Please do visit my blog anytime you are available!^_^


Last episode of THJ…Taemin cut!so sadT_T


Taemin THJ cut episodes 131-132!♥


Taemin THJ cut episodes 129-130!♥


Taemin THJ cut episodes 127-128 (eng sub)!♥

so jealous with episode 128!T_T


Taemin THJ cut episode 125 (eng sub)!♥

oH! Junsu already told his mom about his dancing..good for him! Taemin really looks so cute!^^


Taemin THJ cut episode 129!T_T♥

I don’t know if i’ll be happy watching THJ episodes these feels so sad seeing this kind of episodes (sorry im just possesive when it comes to Taemin!T_T)…anyways, it is just an acting stuff (but still…


Taemin @ MBC Every1 Idol TV!♥


Taemin and his first kiss?!?ughT_T

I thought that this day i can’t post a lot of blogs..but as i surf the net, i saw this video and was happy that i have something to share with you..unfortunately,that feeling change ‘coz when i saw the title and the video itself the feeling is not that good…oh, my taeminie is already having his first kiss although its indirectly and just on the cheeks…..just trying to breath after seeing this..really cant take it!~_~
feel restless for the day…i hope this won’t happen

Taemin kisssing Eunkyung’s cheek!T_T

Eunkyung kissing Taemin’s head!T_T


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