will Taemin succeed this time??THJ episode 107 (eng sub)♥

Taemin is really trying so hard to win the heart of his tutor Heejin..he even learned to play basketball in order to surpass his uncle..but, will Taemin succeed this time?Just watch this video and let’s see what will happen..TAEMIN fighting!



Taemin’s secret is to be revealed!THJ 108(eng sub)♥

This is the preview of Taemin THJ episode 108. Our grown up Taemin will now confess his feelings towards his tutor Heejin. His secret was being revealed that is why he’s trying to be courageous enough to tell Heejin his feelings! Oh, I’m so jealous of her!


Taemin THJ episodes 105-106 (eng sub)!♥

These are the following episodes wherein Taemin is already giving some signs that he is interested with his tutor Heejin! I felt sad for Taemin that his being rejected by his tutor! omg,why did heejin reject Taemin! If I were her,I will choose Taemin than Jangwoo!Our Taemin is suffering a lot in these previous episodes, he seems to lost his love interest Heejin. Just keep fighting Taemin, in the end you’ll win her heart!

Taemin THJ episode 105 (eng sub)

Taemin THJ episode 106 (eng sub)

OST for “Dream” already RELEASED!

The official soundtrack of “Dream” was already released wherein the popular contemporary kpop group SHINee was the one who did it! This is the full song of the OST,hope you enjoy listening to it!



SHINee versus 2PM

This video talks about the success of both groups and their similarities and differences as an idol group. SHINee and 2PM who both debuted last year and who won the hearts of everyone especially the noonas were being compared with each other, their styles, attitudes, physical features and the like…SHINee as the cute and pretty boys who stole and melted the hearts of noonas with their song “Noona is so pretty” became the “DREAM” of all the girls and ladies all over the world. While 2PM was known with its powerful and sexy performances became the “DESIRE” of all the ladies especially the noonas.

When i watched this video, it also makes me think that both groups were worth it to be called as an idol  group. Each group has its own uniqueness and styles that can make all the ladies out their scream and fall for them. BUT, this does not change my love to SHINee! I agree that they are really the “Dream” of all girls but, addition to that, they are also the “Desire” of womens!hahahah

Anyways, SHINee and 2PM are really giving their best in order for them to be loved by many. Let us just continue giving love and support to their endeavors..healthy competition gives them the urge to do their very best in everything they do!

Best of Luck to SHINee and 2PM!:)


Love hurts… Taemin THJ episode 104!♥

poor taemin..he’s being rejected by his tutor Heejin..he really feels sad seeing his uncle holding hands with Heejin..don’t give up taemin,you can win her heart if you’ll do your best! let’s just wait and see who of the two ladies will Taemin be ending up with!

I hope none of them will be Taemin’s girlfriend!LOL

credit: iEpixFail3

SHINee Minho’s singing career + cute TAEMIN!♥

Choi Minho of SHINee, the known rapper of the group and tagged as “the flaming charisma” is really improving his singing career in order to prove to people that aside from his looks, he also has a good voice.  Although his voice is not that good like jonghyun,onew and key who are really the vocalists of the group, still he and Taemin are really doing their best to improve their singing..here are some of the videos of minho singing solo and live! I also included a cute compilation video of Lee Taemin! Hope you enjoy it!

Minho singing “Just once”

MINHO singing cut @ FBG

Cute TAEMIN! please watch this video of taemin..you will really love it!♥