Happy Birthday Lee Taemin!♥


it’s our maknae’s 17th birthday!we all have seen how he improves these days..with regards with his singing skills,most of us recognized that his voice improved a lot!he also acts well in his sitcom THJ,wherein he had two love interest,his tutor (Heejin) and the student girl..taemin is really becoming a grown up now, a MAN indeed!

may you have a nice day at your special day our dear TAEMIN!♥

happy 17th birthday!may you have many more birthdays to come!


7 Responses

  1. Saengil Chukha hamnida Taemin perfect dancing skills…Cute,Adorable and always smile :-)) Chinese girl of 13 years old wish you all the best~Saranghae:-)

  2. happy birthday taemin..belated!heheh
    hope you had a wonderful day at your very special day!
    taemin fighting!
    wish you many more birthdays to come..
    take good care of your health!
    go SHINee!

  3. hi1, .. is very last for I publish my comment; the month now is september… and the taemin`s birthday is in july,,,XD. But..!congratulations! jejejeje.Im from peru, ans I`m member for the shinee club in peru: shinee_fans.

    mmmmmm…i like shinee!! the best future korean group.
    felicitaciones chicos! lo estan haciendo muy bien, annionghigaseyo!

    • Hi nathaly..it doesn’t matter if it took how many months for you to post comments..the fact that you love SHINee is more than any comments you can share(although its better if you let your voice heard by other fans also). Just keep on supporting and loving SHINee!
      SHINee fighting!♥

      >>thanks for dropping by..hope u can visit my blog anytime you are available!^_^

  4. can anyone tell me where the third picture is from??

  5. taeminnn ,,, u are so cuteeee,,, love u

  6. ANNYEONGHASSEO, ottohke dangsineun,taemin? do you have twitter? i would like to follow you ..

    love- fiahdwiz ;))

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