SNSD/Girls Generation dancing ‘Sorry Sorry’ w/ mustache on!lol

lol..SNSD girls really look so funny with those mustache on..but they really did great in dancing Sorry Sorry of Super Junior…


Taemin THJ cut episode 129!T_T♥

I don’t know if i’ll be happy watching THJ episodes these feels so sad seeing this kind of episodes (sorry im just possesive when it comes to Taemin!T_T)…anyways, it is just an acting stuff (but still…


f(x) leader and their coming debut!


Victoria will be the leader of the new girl group of SM Entertainment named ‘f(x). Victori is the oldest among the members and have already done a lot of appearances. She has also a great talent for dancing.

This girls will be having their debut on Sept.02, 2009 wherein their full music video for ‘Latchata’ will be shown to the public..They will also be performing at Music Core on Sept. 05, 2009.

Taemin @ MBC Every1 Idol TV!♥


Luna, the ‘talented’ member of f(x)!

the fourth member of f(x has been is now Luna’s time..this 16 year old girl is said to be more mature and has extremely powerful vocals and amazing dance abilities..

-receiving dance, singing and English lessons
-the trainee of SM since 2006
-extremely talented


going back to Love like Oxygen fever!♥

an old performance but worth to post ‘coz SHINee looks great in this video…^^

SHINee and Kim So Eun photoshoot (video)!so cute…♥

SHINee are really fitting to be endorsers of clothing line..they all look so cute and handsome in any kinds of clothes…^_^
*so jealous*♥