Shy Taemin @ Changsa Hotel!:]

Just loved this video even if it is too late to post it..:]


Goodbye stage of SHINee ‘Jojo’!:'[

To all SHINee addicts, we should continue support this lovable guys even if they will be resting for a while (which they really need to do,they were busy last year so its their time to enjoy). SHINee fighting!♥

Goodbye stage of SHINee ‘RDD’ :[ (100117)!♥

Our fave boy band will rest for a while and will prepare themselves to surprise us with their fantastic and lovable songs! SHINee fighting!
We will wait for you!♥

credit: lolii360

SHINee fan sign event for RDD (eng sub)!♥♥♥


Competitive Minho cut @ Star King!♥♥♥


Fainting SHINee RDD @ Star king!!!♥♥♥

SHINee so fantastic! They really fainted so well especially when Taemin started it..Onew so good..One electrified!LOL
Poor Taeminie, he was brutally hurt..T_T..the emcee carried Taemin twice in this Show..this is the 2nd time..LOL

Minho and Taemin doing unbelievable things @ Star cutie!♥♥♥

Oh my gosh! Minho so adorable when he said ‘Aaaahhh’…LOL
Taemin,what are you doing???it is weird yet so cute to watch..your voice really improved a lot..GO SHINee!!♥♥♥