SHINee fan sign event for RDD (eng sub)!♥♥♥



Fainting SHINee RDD @ Star king!!!♥♥♥

SHINee so fantastic! They really fainted so well especially when Taemin started it..Onew so good..One electrified!LOL
Poor Taeminie, he was brutally hurt..T_T..the emcee carried Taemin twice in this Show..this is the 2nd time..LOL

Minho and Taemin doing unbelievable things @ Star cutie!♥♥♥

Oh my gosh! Minho so adorable when he said ‘Aaaahhh’…LOL
Taemin,what are you doing???it is weird yet so cute to watch..your voice really improved a lot..GO SHINee!!♥♥♥

SHINee perf with Yesung 091106!♥♥♥

SHINee live performance without Jonghyun..good to know that their Super Junior is always there ready to support them..please take care always SHINee..♥♥♥

SHINee perf with Leeteuk (Onew sick)!♥♥♥

Again, a good performance from SHINee..although, Jonghyun sounds a sick in this performance, he still did his best to give us a good and special perf..oh shinee,please take care of your health..we are worried of what is happening with all of you..Minho on the other hand, sang so well doing the part of Onew..thanks also to Leeteul oppa for being there with good hyung to them!♥♥♥

SHINee won (perf w/o Onew)!♥♥♥

I am so happy that they won many times for their song RDD!love it and love them so much..ONEW get well soon..Jonghyun,nice to see you back on stage and so well..^_^


Baby Nichkhun cut @ Star king…!♥♥♥

nichkhun junior giggles so cute..they really had a hard time understanding what he is saying..