Hello Baby 5/5 eng sub ‘Shinee and Yoogeun first meeting!♥



Hello Baby 4/5 eng sub ‘Eagerness to meet SHINee’s baby’!♥


Hello Baby 3/5 eng sub ‘SHINee soon to be a DAD’!♥


Hello Baby 1/5 eng sub ‘Lost SHINee’!♥


Onew’s cutest and lovable hug with a little girl!♥

This epsiode 147 of Star King featuring Shannon Williams and Onew singing ‘A Whole New World’. Though a lot of singers sung this song, for me this is the best video wherein Korean and other nationalities combined and sung it in duet. I loved the end part wherein the girl and Onew smiled at each other and the embraced they gave really melts me everytime I watch it.

Goodbye stage of SHINee ‘Jojo’!:'[

To all SHINee addicts, we should continue support this lovable guys even if they will be resting for a while (which they really need to do,they were busy last year so its their time to enjoy). SHINee fighting!♥

Goodbye stage of SHINee ‘RDD’ :[ (100117)!♥

Our fave boy band will rest for a while and will prepare themselves to surprise us with their fantastic and lovable songs! SHINee fighting!
We will wait for you!♥

credit: lolii360